FDA FLASH! December, 2013


 Get to know Jacques Etkowicz, Shareholder at Ratner Prestia and Chair of the Professional Programs Committee.


 ·         Sign Up To Vote!  All members of AIPLA have been removed from their committee selections and voting positions. 

 o   AIPLA Members have until December 27, 2013, to re-join committees.  After that deadline, you can join the committee, but will be barred from voting on issues. 

 o   Go to www.aipla.org à Enter your ID and Login à Committee Center à Update Committee Selections, check the Food and Drug Committee and select “voting member.”

 ·         Raise Your Visibility: If you have a presentation that you want to give, please email Lynn Tyler lynn.tyler@btlaw.com and Dolly Krishnaswamy djk406@nyu.edu.

 Volunteer Opportunities

 ·         There will be a Committee Expo at the Mid-Winter Institute in Phoenix, AZ.  The FDA Committee is looking for volunteers to design pamphlets, posters, and represent the FDA committee.

 o   We need to people to represent the committee at the Expo (45 min).

 o   We need creative people.

 o   Contact Steve Parker sparker@whda.com if interested.

 ·         Are you interested in Anti-trust issues?  We are seeking a liaison to the Anti-trust committee.


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